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One of the largest dangers in a divorce is having the hurt and anger you feel during the case shape the legal decisions that you make. These decisions can impact your future emotions, finances and relationships. It is important to make the right decisions today that will help you tomorrow.

When you are struggling with a family law issue, it is important to find a lawyer who will focus on helping you find a solution. We strive to have divorce be affordable and easy to understand. We work closely with you, listening carefully to what you want and need as you end your marriage.

For some, mediation or negotiation achieves the best results. Others have goals that can only be reached in a courtroom. Whether you are going through a divorce, child custody conflict or domestic violence, we will help you protect your interests.Our focus is always to protect your rights and interests.

Protecting Children and Parents in Divorce

The top priority for most parents going through a divorce is the welfare of their children. At Vonnahme Law, PC we understand the stresses and concerns you are facing. We give you legal counsel that is specific to you. We know that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution when determining child custody disputes. We also ensure that whenever your child’s future is discussed in legal matters, your child’s rights and interests are fully, aggressively represented.

Addressing all of your debt concerns

The outcome of a divorce or other family law matter will likely have a serious affect on the people you love. We believe that it is important to work toward solutions that address all of your needs. We find that many people going through divorce struggle financially as a direct result. This mounting debt often links bankruptcy and family law. We can help you resolve your problem. If debt is weighing down your separation, make sure we discuss your options in your free consultation.


Divorce Facts

Top Reasons Marriages End in Divorce:

There are many reasons why people get divorced. Some of the major reasons why marriages fail or people get divorced are given below.

  1. High Expectations: Some people enter into a marriage with high expectations and dreams of the fairy tale ending. Marriage is hard, and it takes a lot of ongoing work to maintain. If one of the spouses thought that it would be an easy, idealistic lift…. Divorce may ensue.
  2. Adultery: Infidelity continues to be a major cause of Divorce. Although there are no ‘legal consequences’ for infidelity, it still can destroy the foundation of a marriage relationship.
  3. Compatibility: When a couple is not respectful or understanding to the others feelings, there is a higher chance of divorce. A lifetime relationship goes beyond mere physical attraction and must encompass a mental partnership.
  4. Lack of Compromise: For a marriage to be successful, compromise is a necessity. One, or both, of the partners want things there way and do not want to be flexible- divorce is more likely.
  5. Lack of Commitment: If both parties don’t take their marriage vows to heart, issues are sure to arise. If they are unable to resolve this lack of commitment or work through the issues that it has caused, divorce becomes a likely outcome.
  6. Lack of Communication: Communication is key for a successful marriage. When communication fails, the marriage is on the rocks. Even small misunderstandings can lead to a divorce.
  7. Family Background: It has been proven that people who come from divorced homes are more likely to get divorced than people who come from married households.

If you and your spouse are not getting along very well at times, consider these facts for a moment:

  • Half of marriages in the United States will end in divorce (1997).
  • Statistically it takes longer for women to recover from the financial stress of a divorce.
  • Divorce is higher when a marriage is preceded by a premarital pregnancy or out-of-wedlock birth
  • Divorce goes down during economic hardship for a couple
  • About 38% of all couples divorce within four years of marriage; this probably represents for many a breakdown in the marriage and separation within the first two years.
  • Divorce is likely to be followed by remarriage (5 of 6 men remarry within 1-3 years; 3 out of 4 divorced women remarry; women stay single 5 years or more before remarriage; many decide they won’t marry again), but unless the issues of the previous marriage are dealt with problems will continue.

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Circumstances change in life.  Whether it be six months after the Court Order on your divorce was given or ten years, there may be reason to get it modified.

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