RAGBRAI Reminder: Keep Eyes On Road. Be Slow To Pass. Be Bike Friendly.

RAGBRAI started in Iowa in 1973. Forty years later, RAGBRAI has inspired over 30 other states and worldwide to establish similar bike rides. This event has been so popular in Iowa, that officials now limit the number of riders to 8,500 for safety and logistical reasons. After 42 years, more than 300,000 people have rode in at least some part of RAGBRAI. The riders have visited 780 towns creating economic activity and giving the participants a chance to meet good people all across Iowa.

RAGBRAI: Share the Road

With thousands riding across Iowa’s roads, safety has always been an important issue.

Riders need to stay hydrated, alert, and prepared during this 7 day, 1000 miles tour through the great state of Iowa.

Vehicles need to exercise caution when riders are present.

We are very excited for the start of RAGBRAI right here in Sioux City and wish everyone a great and safe journey along your route!